Your individual holiday in Sosúa

El Puebloito    The El Pueblito consists of 4 apartments and one apartment
   for the owner. The residence is supplied by 24 hours
   electricity and water.

   For people traveling alone or couples, a wonderful
   place to relax. With 300 satellite programs
   and internet wifi you are connected to the world.

Garden area    In the beautifully arranged garden
   you will find a variety of tropical plants.
   Depending on the season, the plants
   bear flowers or fruits.
   Relax, find your favorite place and enjoy the tranquility.

BBQ-Corner    At our barbecue area many
   unexpected grill parties have
   taken place. Maybe you like
   to grill for yourself or organize
   a barbacue party for anybody.
   Nothing needs to be done
   – everything can

Pool area     In the pool you can
    - cool off
    - enjoy a beer
    - swim
    - relax
    - and - and - and

Apartement     Each one of the 4 apartments has a living space
    of 45m2 and is equipped with a kitchen.
    Likewise, bathroom, dining room and bedroom are integrated.
    The flat screen tv is equipped with satellite connection.

Bedroom    In the bedroom you will find rest.

   The bed has a good mattress
   to recover for the new day.


André Grogg
Calle Pablo Neruda, Esq. Holanda
Villas Ana María
Sosúa / El Batey
República Dominicana

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Contact us

Tel:  001 809 660 9676
Mail: andre.grogg@bluewin.ch

Finally holidays

Let yourself fall
Enjoy every moment,
the world is so beautiful